EMPTY BOWLS 2020 – at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market

Good news, CCCG members and friends!

As you know, due to COVID-19 safety concerns, we are not able to hold Empty Bowls 2020 in person at the Troy Italian Community Center.  However, we are very happy that we will be able to support the food programs in Troy by selling bowls at the Troy Farmers Market on Oct 3, 10 and 17 from 8:30am -2pm.  We are also grateful that Waterbrook Potters Studio is supporting us by allowing us to have a collection site for bowls and bowl making sessions in September.

Check out the video demonstration of applying decals to glazed pottery. Lee Glasheen taught the lesson and and Jean Decker made the bowls. You can buy them at the Empty Bowl Booth at the Troy Farmers Market on Oct 3, 10 and 17 from 8:30am -2pm. All proceeds go to Food Banks in Troy.

Potters who are making bowls at their home studios, thank you, thank you. Please drop bowls off at Waterbrook during any of the bowl making sessions listed below.  If those dates and times don’t work for you please contact Beth Joslin at joslins@earthlink.net to set up another plan.  If possible let Beth know you are donating bowls and how many.

The Collar City Clay Guild will again be covering the cost of clay, glazes and firing of bowls made at Waterbrook by members of the Guild and Waterbrook.

Fulltime Waterbrook members, clay is available any time you want to make bowls.  Please put finished bowls on shelves designated for Empty Bowls. Sign the bottom of your bowls with “Empty Bowls” or “EB” so we can make sure they do not get mixed up with Waterbrook work.  DO NOT PUT EMPTY BOWLS ON THE WATERBROOK FIRING SHELVES/CARTS.

Guild members, Waterbrook Potters Studio is generously allowing us to have bowl making sessions at the studio. Potters are required to sign up ahead, wear masks and practice social distancing. Please review COVID-19 protocols listed on the Waterbrook website here.  We can allow 5 hand builders and 5 wheel throwers per session.  You will need to email Beth Joslin at joslins@earthlink.net with a session you would like to participate in and she will contact to let you know if there is space.  Waterbrook members can also sign up for these sessions. The sessions are:

Saturday , Sept 12 – 12-5pm and 5-10 pm  Throwing and Hand Building

Tuesday, Sept 15  – 5-10pm  Throwing and Hand building

Sunday, Sept 20 – 12-5pm and 5-10 pm   Trimming and Hand Building

Tuesday, Sept 22  –  5-10pm   Trimming and Hand Building

Saturday, Sept 26  – 12-5pm and 5-10pm  Glazing * if you cannot return to glaze it will be done for you

Tuesday, Sept 29  – 5-10pm  Glazing * if you cannot return to glaze it will be done for you

Please spread the word about the sale of bowls at the Troy Farmers Market (flyer coming soon!).  Consider selling bowls on your own to benefit Empty Bowls.  Proceeds can be sent to the CCCGuild PO Box 811, Troy, NY 12181 by October 31st with checks made out to CCCG.

CCCG Empty Bowls Committee is still exploring other avenues to continue our commitment to address food insecurity. Got an idea? Please let us know.

Theresa Zubretsky on behalf of the CCCG

2020 Empty Bowls & Pottery Market Cancelled

The Empty Bowls and Pottery Market Committees of the Collar City Clay Guild recently met to evaluate the feasibility of holding these long-cherished events in fall 2020. Even though New York State has been able to contain the spread of COVID-19, the future remains very uncertain. Without the means to ensure the safety of Empty Bowl volunteers and guests, and Pottery Market customers and vendors, the committees have come to the sad but inevitable conclusion that these events cannot be held as planned. We appreciate your understanding and continued support through these difficult times and look forward to better days.

Food insecurity persists and we need your help

COVID-19 may have derailed plans for an in-person Empty Bowls fundraising event, but our local food pantries remain in desperate need of support to address food insecurity, exacerbated by the pandemic. The Empty Bowls committee is currently investigating other ways to raise funds during the month of October which is also World Hunger Month, online or otherwise.

Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement to raise awareness and help end hunger. Started as a local fundraiser in Michigan, in 1990, the Empty Bowls Project has spread throughout the country raising millions of dollars for local food programs.

For the past 14 years, the Collar City Clay Guild, has been fortunate to organize the Empty Bowls Project in Troy, N.Y. The Empty Bowls Program has become a community event in the city that draws hundreds and maybe even over a thousand people each year to help raise money for local food programs.

Every year, the Troy community flocks to the Italian Community Center with the great expectation of warm soup, fresh bread, beautiful handmade bowls, and the wonderful company of friends.

The Collar City Clay Guild is so proud to support this movement and we hope to continue to do so into the future. Since the beginning of the Empty Bowls Project in Troy, we have raised over $200,000 to support 15 food programs to help put food on their shelves and deliver food to those in need.